JobTitle: Clerk JQR548880658
Job Code :- JQR548880658
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JobTitle: Clerk
Department: Payment services
Position: Clerk
Experience Required: 2/5 Yrs
Job descriptions assist in making sure your staff duties align with your company vision They allow you to make informed hiring decisions by developing recruiting strategies that clearly outline to applicants their role and responsibilities When conducting interviews, job descriptions should form the foundation for the development of interview questions Job descriptions can also be used to determine areas in need of training and development when expectations or requirements are not being met Having clear job descriptions also allows for a basis on which to develop compensation plans that ensure jobs are being compensated in ways that reflect their levels of responsibility and qualification in the organization Finally, when used as a means to communicate expectations, job descriptions can also be used as a basis for performance management. For the employee, having a clear job description allows them to understand the responsibilities and duties that are required and expected of them
JobTitle: Assistant Manager JQR984773427
Job Code :- JQR984773427
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JobTitle: Assistant Manager
Department: Operations
Position: Assistant Manager
Experience Required: 3/7 Yrs
ASSISTANT MANAGER – SECURITY & SAFETY MANAGEMENT Grade MG5 (a) Duties and Responsibilities 1. Coordinate physical security management 2. Oversee technical security 3. Carry out security risk operations 4. Carry out security risk assessments 5. Develop business security continuity plans 6. Coordinate disaster management 7. Manage safety programs 8. Ensure safety of PCK staff, customers, property and revenue. 9. Develop capacity to mitigate against security risk. 10. Perform any other duty assigned by the controlling officer. (b) Requirements for Appointment (i) Bachelors degree in Social Sciences / Criminology / Law / Public administration or equivalent; (ii)Diploma in Security Management / Disaster Management or equivalent; (iii)Proficiency in computer applications; (iv)Certificate of Good Conduct; (v)Served as Security / Investigation Officer I for a minimum of 3 years; (vi)Shown merit and ability as reflected in work performance and results;
JobTitle: Assistant Manager JQR1870850619
Job Code :- JQR1870850619
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JobTitle: Assistant Manager
Department: Finance
Position: Assistant Manager
Experience Required: 6/10 Yrs
ASSISTANT MANAGER – TREASURY & INVESTMENT Grade 5 (a) Job Objective 1. To assess, monitor, plan and manage efficient utilization of cash and financial services. 2. Ensure that the corporation meets all external and internal liquidity requirements and ensure Contingent plans are in place to address excess and deficient liquidity incidences. (b)Duties and Responsibilities 1. Forecast daily cash requirements and execute daily financing decisions. 2. Manage in-house investment portfolios. 3. Manage long-term and short-term investment strategies. 4. Assess performance benchmarks and recommend changes when warranted. 5. Review and recommend changes to the investment policies. 6. Prepare and monitor the corporation’s various cash flow forecasts and perform financial modeling. 7. Evaluate, develop and implement cash management systems. 8. Manage relationships with financial service providers. 9. Evaluate alternative long-term borrowing strategies and make